Hi! First, I want to thank you for taking time to read my blog…

My name is Anna and I started PCOS Treatment Success as a free resource for other women still suffering from this terrible disorder. Ladies who would like to learn how to control their PCOS permanently, without drugs or expensive surgery!

On this site you’ll find many resources to help you learn about how polycystic ovarian syndrome really affects your health, your fertility, the symptoms, proper diet and other traditional and natural treatments.

How I Was Able To Overcome PCOS And Finally Get Pregnant!

I was originally diagnosed with PCOS when I was a teenager.  Because I was young and naive, I ignored my condition until I noticed my hair was thinning really bad and started having frequent abdominal pain and digestive problems.  When I was told it was PCOS that was not only affecting my general health, but my fertility it really hit home…

My husband Eric and I had just assumed we would have children some day and I realized how I had just taken that for granted.  It was heart breaking for me to think that I had possibly ruined both our chances of becoming parents because I didn’t take better care of myself earlier on!

I became depressed and the symptoms (especially my hair loss) made me feel so unattractive and less desirable as a woman!…At that point I knew I had to take it upon myself and start treating my body better!

My doctor basically told me there was no known medical cure for PCOS and I should consider fertility treatments if I came off the pill…Okay, but that’s not really treating PCOS is it?  Not to mention, Eric and I just couldn’t afford going into debt for something that just wasn’t guaranteed to work!

Completely frustrated, I decided to take things into my own hands and began reading as many self help books on PCOS as I could.  From PCOS diets to natural ovarian cyst treatments… I practically read everything out there. Unfortunately, most of what I found was just a lot of hyped up garbage claiming to be some guarded “secret cure” that nobody knew about or some program that was going to show me how to meditate my way to being free of PCOS…c’mon PLEASE! Needless to say, they were a complete waste of money and just didn’t do much for me!

Then I found Carol Foster’s Ovarian Cyst Miracle™.  I’m not going to lie, I was really hesitant at first because of the corny name itself, but I found the guide actually to be very comprehensive and the treatment plan easy to follow. I admit, I even thought of giving up after about a week, but I knew this was not just some quick fix and within a couple of weeks of following the steps I actually noticed I was gradually feeling better and more energetic.

I can actually say this particular program changed my life by giving me a whole new approach on how I look at health and nutrition! This guide really shows you the only way of successfully treating PCOS is from the inside, by restoring your body’s natural inner balance. By doing so, it not only helps reverse PCOS, but also the other symptoms like acne, weight gain and even other related problems. Of all the natural PCOS treatments I’ve tried, this is the one method I found to be the most effective at truly treating my PCOS, which eventually helped me start living a better quality life.

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I know you are probably wondering if this method will work for you…..so I’m not going to sit here and give you false hope by saying “Oh sure, it will definitely cure you”….because not only is that insulting your intelligence, but I honestly don’t know if it will work for you.  Everybody reacts differently to natural treatments and luckily I responded well to it.

I did make me feel better knowing it is a clinically proven method and when I followed the steps in guide I lost about 30 lbs., felt both physically and emotionally healthier overall, I finally started having regular periods, my symptoms gradually went away and I eventually achieved my ultimate goal of getting pregnant.

Yes… I did put the weight back on when I became pregnant, but I was just so happy to be pregnant!

I wanted to create this site not only to share my experiences and what actually worked for me, but because of the incredible confusion on how PCOS should be treated in general.  I also think that in order to increase PCOS awareness among all women, you sometimes have to stand up as an individual in order to do that. I think it is very important for all women to know just how destructive this disorder can potentially be and that they are truly not alone!…it is very treatable if you use the right method!

I have personally put a lot of time into many different PCOS diets and treatments that just didn’t work for me so I figured I should share what actually did!

In the end, I realized if I had only found this program earlier on I could have prevented many months of pain and stressful worrying!

Thanks again for listening and best of luck to you!

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