Natural PCOS Treatment Options

Woman MeditatingIf you haven’t noticed by now, natural pcos treatment is without a doubt becoming increasingly more popular alternative for women these days.  More than likely this is because of the lack of progress in pharmaceutical development as it pertains to polycystic ovarian syndrome.  Which is also why it is not so surprising to find pcos suffers searching for effective naturopathic remedies to help them control the symptoms and hopefully heal the disorder.

Believe it or not, pcos affects anywhere from 3 to 4 million women a year!  This hormonal chaos opens the door to a wide variety of health issues and embarrassing symptoms like facial hair, oily skin (acne), hair loss and weight gain to more serious conditions like infertility, insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease and uterine cancer! The condition makes you a carbohydrate and sugar craving machine, not to mention you constantly feel exhausted, unattractive and moody…

However, if you are one of those women searching for a natural pcos treatment, you will be happy to know there are ways to help you overcome pcos naturally and keep it under control…

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Natural PCOS Treatment: Reflexology And Other Remedies

Reflexology And PCOSTreating PCOS naturally in the form of Reflexology is increasing in popularity and is in the cross hairs of some medical experts.  Reflexology is the use of kneading pressure points focusing primarily on both hands and lower extremities as they are neurologically interconnected to various places on a person’s body.  The objective is in fact that reflexology is able to completely relax the body system as well as enhancing blood flow and building the immune system and making it stronger.

So far, there is no link to connecting Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Reflexology, although many have heard positive stories about women of childbearing age getting pregnant after undergoing Reflexology sessions. At the same time, acupuncture, that basically performs within the same theory as reflexology, is likewise being contemplated as a practical remedy for pcos as well as acupressure and massage treatment.

Naturopathic Treatments For PCOS

Other natural pcos treatment or ways of healing pcos naturally that are in the process of being further explored include herbalism, homeopathy and kinesiology. While the name would indicate, herbalism makes use of organic herbs and plant vitamins being a natural pcos treatment choice despite the fact that kinesiology centers on muscular testing to identify unsettling unbalances within the whole body itself. Lastly, homeopathy is known as a more presupposed approach, that uses pure nutrient rich plants in an effort to treat the unstable condition.

Although these are also believed to be natural pcos treatment options, using one to attack the pcos symptoms ought to be under the watch of somebody proficient in the disorder. Ideally, women who find themselves conflicted with PCOS must take time to research the ideal way to cure pcos naturally that suits your needs.

Supplements And Vitamins

Chromium Picolinate

Supplements: There are many women that have PCOS who have found that supplements can assist in relieving the symptoms of pcos.  Here are a few vitamins and supplements recommended:

  •  B complex– the B group vitamins have been known to help with maintaining normal weight by increasing your metabolism.  They also help with cell growth and healthy skin and hair as well as improve your immune system and nervous system.
  • Vitamin D– Some studies have shown that women with PCOS have low levels of vitamin D. Low vitamin D levels have been associated with obesity and insulin resistance which both are symptoms of PCOS.  Luckily, it is the easiest vitamin to take…..Just take a daily walk outside in the sunshine!
  • Zinc deficiency can cause many of the symptoms of pcos.  It causes hair loss, irregular menstruation, acne and even ovarian cysts themselves.  Because women with low blood sugar (diabetes) seem to lose zinc twice as fast as those without it is another good reason for supplementation. Another important thing to note is you should take Omega 3’s when taking zinc supplements to help it get properly absorbed!
  • Chromium is a powerful supplement when it comes to natural pcos treatment.  It has so many vital benefits like decreasing insulin resistance and play an important role in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Chromium can be found in chicken, beets, mushrooms, liver, wheat germ and fruit.  Tip: It is highest in brewers yeast!
  • Magnesium– another potent pcos mineral.  It helps with reducing insulin resistance thus decreasing the chance of developing diabetes.

PCOS And Diet

For obvious reasons, dieting with pcos is necessary for most women due to the weight gain and insulin resistance issue.  It cannot be stressed enough how important maintaining proper weight is for women with pcos.  Eating lean meats like chicken and fish, whole grain organic foods as well as reducing sugar intake and staying away from processed foods can help significantly.  However, because of those horrible sugar cravings brought on by PCOS it can be difficult.  Once you have created regular eating habits to include these foods you will find not only does the weight come off, your cravings will diminish too!

By taking action and incorporating these things into your overall treatment, getting PCOS under control may not seem so difficult!

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