Causes Of PCOS

Causes of PCOS

The Causes Of PCOS


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome known as PCOS is a condition where a woman’s hormones are imbalanced. In one case, the male hormone, androgen, which is usually, produced by the female body in small doses suddenly increases in number. As a result, women with PCOS start to grow more facial hair and suffer more seriously from acne.


Ovulation also stops and in some cases, women find themselves having difficulty getting pregnant. Currently, infertility caused by PCOS is the condition that most PCOS treatment options are now addressing.

Underlying Causes of PCOS


Hormone fluctuations and diabetes can be attributed to the disorder, but no specific causes of PCOS have yet been proven. Hence, a cure is still not available nowadays. However, it is being studied that genetics may be one origin in the development of pcos. Having a mother or sister with pcos can possibly be a link to the condition as well.  Because of the this there are various PCOS treatment options that are being widely used by PCOS sufferers today.

Treating The Causes Of PCOS

One of the key PCOS treatment options is regular exercise and diet. Since women who have polycystic ovary syndrome are more likely to suffer from heart disease and diabetes, it is recommended that they start living healthy to prevent such things from happening. Also, getting in the right weight for one’s age and height may also trigger the lowering of the imbalanced hormone. Added to that, other PCOS treatments given by doctors include birth control pills to regulate menstruation or for those trying to get pregnant.

The success rate of the varying PCOS treatment options when it comes to getting pregnant are positive, and would hopefully grow over the years. As of now, because we don’t know the specific root causes of pcos, early diagnosis and treatment of PCOS is the best way to battle this condition, allowing more women to live a healthy and full life.

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